January 23, 2009

Whew!!!!  Another very busy day.  I think I could go to sleep now and not wake up till noon tomorrow (I know that isn't going to happen).   Lately I haven't been sleeping well.  I wake up at strange hours of the night.  Wide awake,  just laying there.  Sometimes I get up, but other times, like this morning, I just closed my eyes and relaxed.   My internal clock is off and I wish it would get back on, I'm too old to lose my beauty sleep.

Anywhoo, Ryan has three friends over tonight.  Carter and Cameron Mitchell and Trent Putnam.  They are having so much fun.  I made Ryan's cake this year.  I offered to buy him one, but he really wanted me to do it.  I was really excited about it.....until yesterday.  I panicked because I had so many things to do today.  So I made the cakes before bed last night.  Chilled them in the fridge today.  Then without much effort, decorated them this evening.  I really wanted it to be more special than it turned out.  But I just couldn't come up with any extra energy.  I don't think that he noticed though.  

We made homemade pizzas (big hit)!!  Carter put extra cheese on his and it overflowed in the oven.  I needed to clean them anyway.   Then they decided that we needed to go to the redbox and get a scary movie, nerf bullets and an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  When we got home, they asked if I would play nerf war with them.  I told them "maybe later".  Secretly I know that maybe later means maybe another day.  I'm just too tuckered out.  

Rick is working in the E.R..  He came and got Ian and Gracie earlier, they are going to stay the night with him in Carrollton.  So a little peace and quiet for Ry and his friends.  

Well, I know this post is short but I need to kick my feet up.  We will have another busy day of basketball tomorrow.  So, I need to get the rest while I can.  Besides, I'm not sure that I will sleep much with these crazy 13 year olds in the basement.  Scary, huh?

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